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This textbook offers an creation to the Catalan numbers and their outstanding homes, besides their quite a few functions in combinatorics. Intended to be obtainable to scholars new to the topic, the e-book starts with extra hassle-free subject matters earlier than progressing to extra mathematically subtle topics. Each bankruptcy specializes in a particular combinatorial item counted by means of those numbers, together with paths, bushes, tilings of a staircase, null sums in Zn+1, period buildings, walls, variations, semiorders, and more. Exercises are incorporated on the finish of booklet, besides tricks and suggestions, to assist scholars receive a greater clutch of the material. The textual content is perfect for undergraduate scholars learning combinatorics, yet also will attract an individual with a mathematical heritage who has an curiosity in studying concerning the Catalan numbers.

“Roman does an admirable activity of offering an creation to Catalan numbers of a distinct nature from the former ones. He has made a superb collection of themes for you to exhibit the flavour of Catalan combinatorics. [Readers] will collect an exceptional feeling for why such a lot of mathematicians are enthralled by means of the awesome ubiquity and magnificence of Catalan numbers.”

 - From the foreword by means of Richard Stanley

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6 Catalan Numbers and Geometric Widgits Catalan numbers can also count a variety of geometric objects. 1. There are many ways to draw chords connecting pairs of vertices in such a way that all vertices are incident with a chord and that no two chords intersect (even at the vertices). We call this a nonintersecting chording of the polygon. 2 shows the five possible nonintersecting chordings of a hexagon ðn ¼ 3Þ. 2 Nonintersecting chordings of a hexagon # The Author 2015 S. 1007/978-3-319-22144-1_6 29 30 6 Catalan Numbers and Geometric Widgits To count the number Dn of ways to chord a convex 2n-gon P, we fix a root vertex and label it v1.

As to the extreme cases, k ¼ 1 and k ¼ n À 1, it is easy to see that both families P n, 1 and P n, nÀ1 are in bijection with P nÀ1 .  Therefore, if Dn ¼ P n , then setting D2 ¼ 1 and including all of the possibilities for k, we get the recurrence relation nÀ2 nÀ1 nÀ3 X X X Dn ¼ 2DnÀ1 þ Dk DnÀkþ1 ¼ Dk DnÀkþ1 ¼ Dkþ2 DnÀkÀ1 k¼3 k¼2 k¼0 for n ! 3. 4 with a ¼ 2) and so Dnþ2 ¼ Cn . 4 Cn counts the number of triangulations of a convex polygon with n þ 2 sides. □ Disk Stacking Sometimes it is easier to find a characterization of one type of object in terms of another type of object whose count we already know than to directly count the original objects.

1) The principal block R of P is the block containing the integer n. The set of nonprincipal blocks of P is denoted by P 0 . 2) The extent of a nonprincipal block B 2 P is the interval eðBÞ ¼ ½minfBg, maxfBgŠ We denote the lower bound of e(B) by ‘(B) and the upper bound by u(B) and so eðBÞ ¼ ½‘ðBÞ, uðBފ 3) The family of extents of a partition P is the family of extends of the nonprincipal blocks of P. 2. 2 The extent of a block Note that the endpoints of an extent [‘(B), u(B)] are contained in the defining block B.

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